Kevin Derman
The Emotional Advantage

The Emotional Advantage

eq_iceberg1In this talk, Kevin takes his audience on an emotional ride through a journey of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

First building up the case for EQ in the business environment, Kevin shows how EQ is the primary predictor for success in our personal and business lives. Highlighting the importance of EQ over IQ, the EQ benefit is that you can dramatically improve this measurement. The journey continues with some superb examples of where low EQ has derailed many a career and how to avoid these pitfalls.

Kevin provides some practical ways to assess our EQ and provides a call to action for the individual to improve their own EQ. This talk includes a view on stress management and some biofeedback demonstrations and techniques.


For the company: Help your employees develop their EQ and in turn raise your business performance. Better internal relationships, and better customer relationships.

For the individual: Get an understanding of where you are on the EQ spectrum. Where to go for assessments, and how to improve on these crucial skills. Better relationships at work and at home.

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