Kevin Derman
Priced to Sell

Priced to Sell


Priced to Sell – The Psychology of Buying

In this talk Kevin draws on the work of many researches who have done work on why and how we buy. In a fascinating journey of buying and selling we learn how our human behavior is both predictable and irrational. Kevin covers:

  • The Psychology of buying and gratification.
  • The secrets of the mass retailers.
  • Online advertising and leading.
  • Real estate tactics.
  • Why we always try to impress on the date or business lunch.
  • How to frame your proposals so your customers will always choose you.


To the company: Give your staff the skills to maximise their sales and ensure that your business is chosen before others.

To the individual: Learn how to help your customers make the right decision, practical advice for your next proposal/quote that will get you the deal.