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About Kevin Deman

Kevin Derman is a Technology and Human Potential Evangelist. His favorite topic being the potential when these two forces are combined. Kevin has headed up the Partner and Channel Strategy both for Microsoft South Africa and IBM for the Sub Saharan Africa region. 

He has had various career experiences incorporating global corporates and entrepreneurial start-ups, including co-founding Infointeg, an Internet Start-up, Kaskade.Cloud (leading AWS Cloud Provid and being a motivational and business speaker. 

His presentations are engaging and deliver an eclectic mix of topics ranging from “the Psychology of Buying and Selling” to “Happiness – the never ending quest”. Kevin interest in Hypnosis and the power of the mind, adds a different dimension to his talks as well as his approach to business. 


Johannesburg, South Africa

+27 82 888 1907